The awakening truth about bitcoin and crytocurrency

The awakening truth about bitcoin and crytocurrency For the whole month of January, crypto currency is the talk of the town, but in this case, it is not the rising value of last year’s record of more than 10,000 USD but the falling value and almost to no value point that people begin to be skeptical about the survival of crypto currency. Crypto currency has seen a lot of attacks from many sources, both Govt…

"The awakening truth about bitcoin and crytocurrency"

When she left, how did you feel

When she left, how did you feel It was a quick action, just as quick and fast like lighting flashing from north to south and then it went through, that is how she bid farewell to the passion she had for me. No calls, no voice mail, no visitations, she went and I couldn’t find her. Love

"When she left, how did you feel"

What is your life?

What is your life? What is your life? It might be that you are at the end of your life. We live and did not ask why we exist. Many people have lost their purpose of living, but as for the reader, I pray you will not miss the purpose of your existence if you start now.

"What is your life?"

Love and relationship matters

Love and relationship matters Can some one help me define what is love, the pain in this love issue is when you love someone and you care but in return she does not esteem you, love you or even care for you. I’m in a straight course with her and I want to quit this love issue now.

"Love and relationship matters"

Salvation of the Scriptures

Salvation of the Scriptures At least every Christian knows this very chapter and verse of the scripture, but not all Christians understood the content. This is about a man who has all it takes to be a religious leader, in fact he was a rabbi, the teacher of babes, telling people about the laws of Moses, appearing in the Pharisaic garments and he held a position in the synagogue but he was an empty man…

"Salvation of the Scriptures"

Bitcoin and it’s future

Bitcoin and it’s future What could have caused the current situation of bitcoin and other crytocurrency that many months have passed and the price is still not coming up? Many things must have been the factor. Recently majority of Nigerians investors in bitcoin pulled out their monies in fear of total collapse of bitcoin and crytocurrency. There has been many sepculations that before the year runs out that bitcoin price will come up as it…

"Bitcoin and it’s future"

A world free from trouble

A world free from trouble If we can make an imagination from this picture, a world free from wars, like in Syria, Yemen, and in Iraq. From all the troubles of life, the helter skelter of the day, the falling world economy and currencies and lastly the tackling of crypto currencies, we will have a world fairly peaceful and quiet.

"A world free from trouble"

Beautifully made and lovely

Beautifully made and lovely   This is the revealed life we ought to have and live out in this world, but unfortunately, the world cannot be an utopia, the idea of the world being an utopia is fallacy because evil is with the world and wars here and there are tearing us up and apart.

"Beautifully made and lovely"

Generation gap

Generation gap What has come to our generation is from our fathers and mothers. It was not to kill us but to make us a better society. It has come to our minds as young, vibrant and dynamic people of this present time to make things different and present it up side down. Take a look at the picture. Say your mind freely. This is a social media spot. Laugh and roll on.

"Generation gap"

Life has taken a new turn

Life has taken a new turn It will soon be a newer turn to us when you can’t shake a girl because her hand make up will be wiped away. The picture here shows what we use to do some 20 years ago but now, how dare you play that type of play with your once childhood friend because her face make up be wiped away and she has to spend hour just to correct…

"Life has taken a new turn"