When You Are Shut Down, Use it As a Fuel to Move Forward

When You Are Shut Down, Use it As a Fuel to Move Forward

The fear of rejection is a strong emotional stance which utilizes our procrastination as a weapon to delay work and stun productivity. How do we deal with the fear of rejection, and worse, rejection itself?

Often enough, people do not know how powerful this fear can be and how devastatingly strong can its weakening grasp reduce our productivity and give us reasons to procrastinate and waste time.

What we need to do in a situation like this is use that fear and sentiment as a fuel to move forward.


Why do people fear rejection so much? Imagine a person who is stuck working in an office doing a job he utterly hates, because he is too afraid of resigning and going after his dreams.

That person is not afraid of the dreams themselves, because the dreams always take him to a place of longing and desire.

No, what that person fears is rejection. He is afraid of going out to someone or a group of people and show them what he has to offer, and he is afraid of getting shut down or rejected because of his inadequacy.

But that fear is, at best, misplaced and wrong.

What you need to understand is, first of all, not a lot of people will understand your vision. You are unique in this world, and so are your thoughts.

You should not expect your ideas to be immediately accepted because there may be few people who can recognize the potential of your innovation.


It is always the same story with many successful people. They do not fear rejection. They actually embrace it. What you need to do is work on your mindset and see rejection as an invitation to a fight.

Every time successful people get shut down, they become more and more determined to realize their vision and achieve their goal. Because they do not see rejection as failure, but another challenge that they have to overcome.

You see, for these people, something easy and simple is always disappointing.

If you were to start doing something tomorrow and achieve it by the end of the week, what would be the point?

Where would be the journey, and alongside it, the adventure?

For these people, rejection is but a fuel for their unending resolve and admirable courage under pressure.


Some people might even decide to resign and start their own independent business. It is going to be a dark and tricky road.

You will have to compromise and adapt, and learn how to look after yourself with no insurance about your future. But if you procrastinate this difficult starting point, you will achieve nothing and merely waste time.

One of my close friends who is a successful entrepreneur once told me:

‘Try to keep your distance from all the negativity in the outside world. But if you are the type of twisted character like me, use that negativity as a fuel for your work.’

The same could be said about fear of rejection. Do not be afraid of it. Embrace it, and use it as a fuel to push you forward.

If they say you can’t do it, the only thing you can do is show more determination and resolve and prove them wrong!


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