Kim Jong Un makes first public appearance in weeks

North Korean state-run media KCNA detailed Sunday that Kim Jong Un went to a gathering of military pioneers. Kim managed the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Military Commission, talking about “new arrangements for additional expanding the atomic war prevention of the nation,” state-run KCNA media detailed.


It’s his first open appearance since May 1, when state-run media detailed he went to at a production line opening after gossipy tidbits flew that he was gravely sick. He had not showed up in broad daylight in 20 days before the May 1 industrial facility opening.

It’s muddled why Kim has been out of the open eye for such a long time. Gossipy tidbits surfaced about Kim’s wellbeing when he was missing from occasions on April 15 regarding the 108th birthday celebration of his granddad and the nation’s organizer Kim Il Sung.

As indicated by KCNA, the gathering decided “essential measures for significantly expanding the capability strike capacity of the cannons bits of the Korean People’s Army.” KCNA additionally revealed Kim marked seven bits of enactment on the military measures examined at the gathering.

The organization additionally gave photographs of Kim sitting behind a huge work area before men in military garbs.

On CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, national security counsel Robert O’Brien said “we’ll need to see” what the pictures signal. O’Brien noticed that the U.S. has evaded a contention with North Korea all through the Trump organization, yet said North Korea should surrender their atomic program on the off chance that they need to “reemerge the world.”

“Eventually, the North Koreans, in the event that they need to reemerge the world, in the event that they need to have an extraordinary economy and we figure they do, they will need to surrender their atomic program,” O’Brien said.

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