Woman’s story of revenge on an ex-boyfriend sets the internet ablaze

If you’re the kind of person who can typically guess how a movie will end from the start, buckle up, because this TikTok video takes a turn that M. Night Shyamalan would be jealous of.

A user who goes by the name emzieees recalled a story about her time in college — and the ending does not disappoint.

She explained that her university had an unofficial Snapchat page, with thousands of followers, where users could submit photos of their fellow students and request gossip about them.

“One time a picture of me got posted, and it was actually my LinkedIn, and it had my first and last name on it, ” emzieees said in the video.

“When I was in college, my university had this unofficial Snapchat page that everyone would send stuff into and…” she explained. “I thought it was a really huge invasion of privacy … so I called my ex-boyfriend because I knew he was the one who sent it in.”

She said her ex immediately denied knowing about it and called her “crazy” for even thinking that he would have done something like that.

“I knew for sure that it was him because I am crazy and I ran the page,” emzieees said without missing a beat. “This one’s for you Jacob.”

Commenters were thoroughly impressed that she exposed her ex-boyfriend’s lie with such flawless delivery — and they were also taken aback by her storytelling skills.

“Posting it is a total Gossip Girl move… literally Dan,” one user wrote.

“Well I was not expecting that AHAHA,” another said.

“Talk about a plot twist,” a third joked.

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